September 22, 2020 3 min read

Benefits of Starting a Yoga Practice


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Thinking of getting into yoga? There are a myriad of great reasons to do so! Yoga is perhaps best known for its ability to calm the mind, relieve stress within the body and assist in creating greater physical flexibility, but the benefits certainly don’t end there. The gentle stretching work of yoga poses can help you move better in your day to day life and feel less physically tired or stiff. It can relieve pain, tension, inflammation and stress, while building muscle and strength, improving balance and fostering greater body awareness. There are a slew of mental and emotional benefits as well that move way beyond the physical body. I’m talking greater mental clarity, ability to focus and concentrate, and an increased overall calmness of body and mind. Yoga is an excellent choice to get in some daily movement as the gentle pace can be great for beginners looking to get started with exercise or those trying to get back into consistent daily movement. Read on for all the benefits associated with starting a yoga practice for yourself!

Energy Boost

Exercising and moving the body is an excellent way to boost your mood and elevate your energy levels, and yoga fits right in with that. Starting your day with some balancing and opening yoga poses can help wake you up and get your energy flowing - a boost that even can help you cruise through those mid-day slumps.

Better Sleep


It might sound contradictory, but yoga can help you sleep better as well! The relaxing nature of a yoga practice can help calm your body, quiet your mind, and ready you for sleep. Not to mention that getting in some movement during the day - at any time of day - has shown to improve both sleep quality as well as duration.


Strength Gains

Yoga can help you build strength, too! Getting into a daily yoga practice can help you build and maintain overall body strength and improve muscle tone. Some yoga poses help improve upper body and back strength while others challenge the lower body and still others work your core and abdominals. Yoga truly is a full body workout.



Speaking of core strength, those yoga poses will do more for you than carve out a 6-pack. A strong, healthy functioning core helps you develop better posture while sitting, standing and walking. Yoga can help you become more aware of your body positioning, so you’re more likely to correct a slouching position and stand tall.



One perk of a yoga practice that we can all probably benefit from is stress-relief! As humans stress can manifest itself in our bodies as pain in the back or neck, as insomnia or other sleeping issues, as headaches and migraines and it most definitely affects our ability to focus and concentrate. The relaxing essence of yoga works not only to reduce cortisol levels (one of the major hormones associated with stress) but also to help develop the skills needed to cope with and manage stress in our daily lives.


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Mental Clarity


Moving onto the emotional and mental benefits, starting a yoga practice can help bring you mental clarity and focus. Between focusing on your breathwork, which calms the mind, and the stress-relief we talked about above, you’ll find yourself better able to focus and concentrate throughout your day. With a clear head and refreshed mind, you can better organize your thoughts and think more clearly.


The benefits of yoga are many and are as varied as the people who practice it. Commit to your own daily yoga practice today to start reaping some of the benefits for yourself!

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