January 21, 2021 2 min read

I love traveling, and through my modeling career traveling is a big part of my life. But there is always such a special feeling returning to the Swedish winter for Christmas and New years to be around friends and family. Even if I prefer the summer, there’s no question that the winter is a beautiful season. Especially when it is snowing here in Sweden. I am a very active person and love being outside! 

But no matter where I am In the world, skincare is always something that is important to me and I change it depending on the season or where I am. The winter in Sweden is very long and cold, and the air is very dry, which is why it’s extra important for me to take care of my skin and give it all the hydration it needs.

Since I struggled with acne at a younger age, it is very important for me to have a good skincare routine. I put extra focus on keeping my skin moisturized during the winter months to make sure it looks and feels healthy and fresh. I use SPF all year around, also in the winter to keep my skin protected. It’s definitely an everyday luxury to treat myself with good products that take care of my skin, and it is an even better feeling knowing that they are environmentally friendly as well! 

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us and has certainly opened up my eyes. I put more value in the things I before took for granted, like the beauty of the small things in my everyday life. I love putting on a face-mask and taking a hot bath after a long day, having a cup of tea or being able to spend time with the people that I love, that’s luxury to me! I am a very positive and motivated person and I try to look at things in a different perspective. There is always something good coming! I look forward to the new year and I hope during 2021 that I can use my creativity and positivity on my platforms to spread love and inspire others to also follow their dreams. 

Love, Jasmine

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