September 27, 2020 3 min read

  Self-Care for Increasing Productivity


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Chances are you’ve already heard about the many and varied benefits of self-care. We’ve talked about them here on our blog before and there is endless information on the internet. But did you know that taking the time for self-care can actuallyincrease your productivity? Though it sounds counter-intuitive tostep away from work in order to get it done, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. 


If you’re running yourself ragged, there is a good chance your productivity is suffering. Giving your attention to multiple things at once - between home, the kids, work, your partner, etc, is sucking your energy, your creativity, and is a great recipe for burnout. The thing is, a good Self-Care practice can not only energise you but also help you make time for the things that really matter. Taking time for yourself in the midst of a busy day or week, can actually help you to see things more clearly, ramp up your creativity and render you more productive when you get back to it. Read on for some tips to use self-care to increase your productivity.


Make Time for Movement


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Whether you’re stuck in a cubicle or working from home, it is essential to make time for movement. It's too easy to spend hours glued to the computer without moving. Set reminders to get up, walk around the office or house, or just do some simple stretches. You’ll not only be doing your body a favour, but you’ll be allowing yourself to step back from your work and come back refreshed and ready to go.


Get Organised

Yes, sometimes chores and housework must be done in the name of self-care. A great self-care practice for promoting productivity is to get yourself organised! Whether it’s your desk, your filing cabinet, or even your planner and calendar, set aside some time to get organised. You’ll not only alleviate unnecessary stress, but you'll clear your mind and feel calmer and less anxious in your workspace.


Healthy Habits


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It can’t be stressed enough how important simple daily healthy routines are for your physical and emotional well-being. Drinking enough water, setting aside time to eat whole, healthful meals, and staying physically active are all great reasons to carve out time for self-care in your day. You'll keep yourself energised and mentally keen for the tasks at hand.



Finally, you can maximise your productivity (among a myriad of other brain-boosting benefits) by getting enough quality sleep each night. That's right- sleep qualifies as self-care! Make it a priority to get to bed at the same time each night and start readying your body for a good night’s sleep by powering down devices at least an hour before bedtime. You’ll be rewarded with better concentration, communication, focus and, you guessed it- productivity.


When it comes down to it, Self-Care is essential to remind yourself that your needs are important, too. To take time for your own self-renewal is not only an important reminder of your own self-worth but it comes with the added benefit of increased productivity when it's time to get back down to work. Clear the clutter and distractions from your days and take the time to do whatever re-energise you and supports the health of your body, mind and emotions.


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