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Fresh Up With Our Skincare Experts - Ask A Dermatologist!

Have you ever wished you had a personal skincare expert right at your beck and call? You’re not alone! After many conversations with customers and clients looking for sound, reliable skincare advice, we knew we had to help. We at Fletna have heard your call and are here to connect you with quality skincare information and guidance. Our goal, first and foremost, is to increase the availability of responsible and trustworthy skincare in Africa.

We believe that higher quality skincare advice can be made possible through medical and technological innovation. Technical solutions to healthcare using a mobile device, often referred to as “mHealth,” is creating new and unique possibilities in the world of healthcare, especially when it comes to a user’s ability to access services. In the US and EU, mHealth is already beginning to change the healthcare landscape for the better.

Our technology was created in order to break down the barriers that stand between you and quick, reliable skincare. Our services connect you with a qualified skin coach or dermatologist in 24 hours or less, whose job it is to advise you on how to proceed with your personal skincare concerns. These advisers are here to dish out the most accurate information possible, as well as potential diagnosis and even possible treatment plans, or, tell you if an in-person doctor’s visit is needed.

Who is it for?

Anyone with an internet connection and a camera can benefit from the use of our service! Our dermatologists and skin coaches have seen hundreds of different skin conditions, from eczema to malignant melanomas, and are ready to give anyone the advice they need about their skin. We are fully compliant with HIPPA regulations; We protect critical healthcare data, and electronic protected health information (ePHI) and records.

What We Offer:

We have three different options forwho you can speak with regarding skincare advice. 

Fresh Up Dermatologists

Licensed Dermatologists on standby to give you the expert skincare advice you need. Consultations available via email.

Fresh Up SkinCare Coaches

Qualified skin care experts with experience in dealing with the quotidien issues of skincare. Consultations available via email.

Fresh Up SkinCare Consultants

Looking for the perfect product for you on the Fletna e-commerce platform? Our Fletna Fresh up Skin Care Consultants are here to help you make the perfect choice based on your skin conditions and goals.

How to get started with Fresh Up:

Fresh Up Skin Advice

Take a look through our different skincare consulting packages and choose what's best for you.

Take a moment to tell us a little about your skin conditions and goals, along with any concerns or issues you may have. Then take and send us a few high quality photos.

We will look into the answers and give you a recommendation for a course of action to remedy skin issues or a skincare routine* to keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best. 

*We do not tie our customers to our product line.

Fresh Up Skin Expert Appointments

Select an option from our different skincare expert appointments and choose what's best for you.

Tell us about your skin and send us high quality pictures. Let us know if you have any concerns or issues. Choose a time slot.

We look into the answers provided and give you a set meeting online.

At this time you will meet with our skin care expert and have your consultation.

Fletna Fresh up (Free)

Our Fletna Fresh up skincare consultants help you choose the perfect product(s) for you from our extensive skincare marketplace! Tell us about your skin- conditions, concerns, goals, etc.

We do the research to create your personalized routine, and design the skincare kit that’s perfect for you — and only you right in our fletna box.

Fletna Box

Thanks to feedback from our customers and we are proud to introduce theFletna Box. Contact our Fletna Fesh Up Team to get a customized box for your personal skincare needs.

Choose From:

  • Sensitive Skin Box
  • Oily/Acne Prone Skin Box
  • Dry/Mature Skin Box

Please note: These skincare services should not be considered as a substitute to your in-person doctor visit, but rather as a high quality information service from experts, which serves as a complement to existing healthcare information and healthcare providers.