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My name is Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe. I am Born in Sweden with origins from Sweden and Guinea. I love travelling, beauty, health and to create art. I see myself as an artist. Some of my biggest interests is to sing, dance and photograph. I love animals and nature.

Why did you want to work as a model? Why were you interested in this career? 

I wanted to travel and see the world. My interest for beauty and photography made me end up loving modelling. I also loved the creativity, the trips and the lifestyle that comes with.


Jasmine Sjoberg Sidibe


How did you become a model?

I was 14 years old when someone invited me for a casting in my hometown. I was very shy but in front of the camera I was not. I booked the job and after I did that job I knew I wanted to have a modelling career. It was like I found my passion. It was not as easy as I thought. It has been a long way but I am very grateful for all my experiences. I started travel abroad when I was 16 years old. I have had the fortune to see so many beautiful places in the world and met so many great people and I am forever grateful for going for that casting and that I kept working hard for my dreams.

Tell us about your skincare journey. How has that been?

I have always had different problems with my skin. When I was younger I suffered from acne and scars. It became a problem for me because I was also a model. There was one period I had to take a break from modeling because of the acne. Skincare have therefore been very important to me. I think everyone who had acne can relate. It has been important to take care about my skin for my career and wellbeing. I love skincare and to take care of my skin and myself in general.


Jasmine Sjoberg Sidibe

What does skincare mean to you?

Skincare means care and beauty. When your skin is healthy your radiate health. You feel better as well. It is also a way to treat yourself. You deserve the best.

What are your current personal and professional goals?

I want to do what I love while I am on this planet while making a positive change in the world on different fields. I want to represent possibilities and that dreams do come true. I use creativity on my platforms to reach out. I do interviews in magazines and meet people all over the world while doing modelling and projects. I want to be happy and live my best possible life. 

How do you communicate with people and what is important to you in communication?

I am just myself I guess. I believe it is important in communication that everyone in the conversation felt listen to and that you give everyone space to talk. Everyone is not naturally outgoing. I try to listen more then I talk mostly. I like to learn from others. I also talk many languages Swedish, English and some French and Norwegian. This makes it easier of course. Also a way of communication can be the skill of empathy to put yourself in others peoples' shoes emotionally. I believe this is important for deep good communications.

What does your diet look like?

I love food. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. All kinds and all colours - it is my daily snack. I do eat chicken and fish mostly. But I can also eat meat. I drink a lot of water every day. I don’t drink alcohol and no soft drinks. It can happen but it is very rare. I do this because I can feel my energy level gets higher and I feel better with myself, my skin also gets better with a good diet. I love to go to restaurants that is vegan or vegetarian. Sushi and sashimi are my favourite dishes right now.


Jasmine Sjoberg Sidibe in a pool with a bowl of fruit

How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

I have never been a gym girl because I love to be outside in the nature. I am more an active in the daily life girl. I am always open for any kind of outdoors activities. I do scuba diving, swimming , dancing , walking, horse riding, basketball, bicycle, surfing, sailing, hiking and much more. I try take a walk everyday at least if I don’t have any other activities on my schedule.

Do you have any limitations or challenges?

Yes. Like everybody else I have my struggles in life but I always try my best to stay positive and focus on the light. Life happens to everyone and we all meet different challenges. This year 2020 have been challenging for many in different ways. I try my best to do my best no matter what life throws at me. There is always good things coming as well. But it is also important to let things out. When I look at my whole life from a bigger perspective and all different things I have went trough god and bad - I know to never give up because good things always come and life is beautiful - go for your dreams.

How have you experienced Fletna as a brand?


I really like Fletna and it’s values. It is an open minded brand with diversity and they help people with different skin problems in all colours internationally. I think Fletna is a very aware brand. They are professional. I have tried out the GEORGANIC collection lately and it is a kind all natural collection and very good for sensitive skin. I really like the mineral water cream it leaves my skin so soft and moist. It is super gentle and light and great moisturizer for just sensitive skin. I also felt for the Hawaiian deep sea mineral toner. It is a such a vitamin boost for the skin and you can feel that you are giving yourself a real positive treat. The Red yeast rice foaming cleansing mousse is also lovely and makes you feel so fresh. As a marine conservation activist and nature lover I really like the values of the GEORGANIC collection and love the be a part of the campaign. We need to take care of our world and you also feel better while knowing that your skincare routine also makes a positive impact to the world.

Love only, Jasmine 


Fletna Georganic Bali Jasmine Sjoberg Sidibe

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