December 26, 2021 2 min read

Wherever you live in the world, extreme weather conditions are just around the corner. In the northern hemisphere, candles are being lit, sweaters are out of the closet and the harsh cold weather has come knocking! In the southern half of the globe, the temperature is rising and the heat is absolutely being turned on.

And what does that mean for our bodies exactly?

Well, the heat makes us sweat and lose water and important salts and minerals but it makes our skin oilier to even it out. What about the cold? The cold weather brings low humidity and dry air. If you mix that with the fact that most people drink less water during the winter, what you get is dry and lifeless skin. And that heater you have at home? Your feet love it but your skin isn’t as happy…Besides all these external factors, there are important internal processes that damage the skin. In order to keep our bodies warm, our nervous system contracts the peripheral capillaries, the thinnest blood vessels we have responsible for nurturing the skin. That reduces the nutrient and blood supply to the skin, leading to worse damage repair and reduced prevention.

But we have something that can change this up!

Did you know that the Ultra Vitalising Snail line by Dewytree is extremely powerful in hydrating? The snail mucus filtrate guarantees good absorption and thorough moisturising power! The secret is in the mucins that are extremely calming and help with cell turnover and skin repair.

Our advice? Follow the routine!

Start with Ultra Vitalising Snail Cleansing Foam, tone, go over to the Ultra Vitalising Snail Serum, then the Ultra Vitalising Snail Eye Cream and top it all off with the Ultra Vitalising Snail Cream. No more itchy skin and pulling sensation!

Besides a good skincare routine, here are a few things you can do to help with dry skin:

  • DRINK WATER! This one seems like a given but be honest, are you drinking your 2 liters a day? I thought so! Pause your reading, take a glass of water and come back, we’re waiting!
  • Avoid hot showers! Make your showers short and lukewarm to avoid striping the skin of its protective oils
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to replenish both water and nutrients
  • Tone to allow for deeper penetration of your skincare products
  • HYDRATE! Another pretty obvious one but that flaky skin CAN’T. GET. ENOUGH
  • Reduce your coffee intake. Although the kick is amazing, coffee is a natural drainer. That means it actually carries water away from your body, leading to further dehydration.

Have a nice winter or summer wherever you are, and remember it’s never too late to start moisturising and using sunscreen daily!

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