June 22, 2021 2 min read

You often wonder when you overhear the ladies around you talking about pores… What do they mean? Don’t worry, sometimes they are not even sure themselves, so we are here to help all of you to figure out what pores actually are.

To keep it brief and simple, pores are the small openings at the top of your hair follicles where sweat and oil is released to the surface of your skin. Which means you can’t get rid of them even though you have probably seen products that claim to do so. But if you understand how pores work and how important their function is, you can be more in control of the health of your pores and its appearance like minimizing enlarged pores.


The pores that regulate sweat are not really visible and are all over your body. Those that usually popped up in conversations like above, are the oil pores. These are the ones we associate with sebum and all kinds of acne. Its actual purpose is to balance out natural oils on your skin, keeping it hydrated and the skin barrier protected. When you are not following a proper skin care routine, not moisturizing enough, not cleansing regularly, not taking care of dead skin or over-stripping the skin, it can cause your pores to produce excess oil or sebum — although excess oil production can be genetic and hormonal as well — which can result in clogged pores that turn into the different forms of acne that we know.


We said getting rid of pores is impossible, but you can control the size of its appearance if you are taking good care of them. Environmental circumstances, genetics and aging all influences the appearances of pores, but they can also seem enlarged when they are clogged. If you clear and moisturize them, you could minimize enlarged pores as they could stretch back to their normal shape and appear smaller again just like in their healthy state.


Something likeThe Deep Detox Black Mask could be ideal to deep clean your pores and get rid of those clogging toxins with the healing power of volcanic ash of Jeju Island that has been a skincare secret of Koreans for a long time now.

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