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February 2023

Deepa Ranpara [MBCHB]

Just a summary of our previous article on skin types-

There are five main skin types: normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive.

Normal skin is well-balanced, with no excessive dryness or oiliness. It generally has a smooth texture, with good blood flow and few imperfections.

Oily skin is characterized by an overproduction of sebum, which can lead to clogged pores and acne. Oily skin can also appear shiny or greasy.

Dry skin lacks natural oils and can feel tight or rough, and may also have fine lines and wrinkles.

Combination skin is a mix of both oily and dry skin, usually with an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and dry cheeks.

Sensitive skin can be easily irritated by certain products or environmental factors and may be prone to redness, itching, or burning.

It's worth noting that skin type can change over time and can be influenced by factors such as hormones, diet, and stress. It's also possible to have more than one skin type in different areas of the face.



Moving on, the following suggestions for face masks according to your skin type are as follows

Oily skin: Clay masks, charcoal masks, and salicylic acid masks.

Dry skin: Hydrating masks, glycerin masks, and shea butter masks.

Sensitive skin: Calming masks, oatmeal masks, and aloe vera masks.

Combination skin: Gel masks, milk masks, and tea tree oil masks.

Acne-prone skin: Benzoyl peroxide masks, sulfur masks, and tea tree oil masks.

It's important to note that different skin types may react differently to different masks, so it's always a good idea to patch test a new mask before using it on your face.



1)7 in 1 Mint Clay Mask

  7-in-1 formula: deep cleansing, moisturizing, tightening, exfoliating, pore care, sebum control, skin firming

- Contains French clay

- BARULAB patented plant-based sheet

- Absorbs sebum and skin impurities

- Brightens skin and tightens pores

- Tested safe for sensitive skin

*Key Ingredients:

- Minti-litol™: soothing and cooling

- Erythritol: softens rough skin

- French clay: deep cleansing and pore tightening

- Anti-Sebum P Complex: patented formula that removes blackheads, decongests pores and prevents sebum overproduction


2)Calming full mask 

Moisture loss increases, pore size increases, and sebum production spikes when the skin is hot or irritated. To alleviate these symptoms, try wearing one of these masks.

Have the Calming Full Mask on hand before applying makeup, or if you need to get ready for a night out in a hurry.

All skin types can use it, however those with dry skin will benefit the most.

Plus, the one container contains a whopping thirty sheet masks for your convenience. Since they have no effect on the skin, they are great to have about the house for everyone to utilize.




3) Deep Detox Black mask

Apply some volcanic ash from Jeju Island to your skin to harness its restorative properties. If you wish to cleanse your skin of toxins and other environmental impurities, the Deep Detox Black Mask is the product for you to use. Cleanse those pores thoroughly, rein in the production of extra sebum, and take good care of your oily skin.

This mask comes with an additional infusion of papaya and grapefruit extract, walnut shell powder, and centella asiatica, in addition to the combination of volcanic ash and charcoal that is already included in the mask (effective at helping you manage eczema, psoriasis, blood circulation and more).



4) Ginseng Black Sheet Mask

Betaine, which works as an anti-irritant and effectively hydrates the skin, is a substance that you might not be familiar with. Additionally, it helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and the depth to which they are etched.

Ginseng is a highly prized component in South Korean cuisine (and Asia in general). It restores the skin's natural equilibrium while at the same time boosting circulation to the dermis's most minute blood vessels. What exactly does this entail when it comes to day-to-day operations? Skin that naturally becomes more resilient over time.

There are even antioxidant characteristics that shield your skin from the damage caused by free radicals as well as other potentially damaging components in the environment. Ginseng is an extremely potent substance.

The Ginseng Nutritious Black Mask will leave your skin feeling healthier and more bright than it did before you applied the mask.

This is suited for all skin types.

On the other hand, this mask is particularly beneficial for sallow, worn-out, and aged skin.

5)Black Clay Mask

 The Black Clay Mask is made up of active charcoal, black clay imported from France, and volcanic ashes from the Jeju Islands. It works to help cleanse the face in seven different ways by removing excess sebum, blackheads, and other impurities from deep within pores.

Each mask comes with two horizontal sheets that already have the clay mixture applied to them, making them very straightforward to use. Produced with the proprietary plant cellulose compound developed by Barulab, which ensures a flawless adhesion.

Clay is used in the mask, and as it dries, the clay formula draws out impurities and tightens pores, resulting in skin that is more firm and supple. The formulation also includes a wealth of micronutrients, which work to both hydrate and gently exfoliate the skin in order to leave it with a satiny smooth finish. Sebum and other impurities may be visible on the sheet after the mask has been removed, and the skin is noticeably brighter and more vibrant, even after only one application of the mask.

The formula of the mask has been proven to be safe for use on sensitive skin, and it will not cause irritation even after repeated applications. In order to maintain clean and clear skin, it is recommended to use the mask no more than once per week due to the potency of its deep cleansing ingredient.



6)Blue Aqua Mask

7-in-1 Total Solution Blue Aqua Mask contains 6 different types of hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin from its deepest layer to the surface. 

The mask's formula has been tested safe for sensitive skin and won't cause irritation even with repeated use. It is recommended to use it once a week.



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