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At Fletna, our mission is simple: help you to care for your skin naturally & efficiently.

That being said, with this post our goal is to share with you one crucial element to you maintaining said natural & efficient skin care routine:

The Sheet Face Mask.

Now, if you're already convinced of the power of sheet face masks, but not sure how to use one, check out this easy-to-follow visual guide. This post, however, is all about why one should use a SHEET face mask in the first place.

So, after reading this, you'll have a good understanding of how to determine whether a sheet face mask is for you.

Sound good? OK. Let's dig in.

When someone decides, "I want to use a face mask,"  on most occasions the big choice becomes:

Should I use a clay face mask or a sheet face mask?

To be thorough, here's a clay mask:


Annnnnd here's a sheet face mask:

Sheet face masks have grown significantly in popularity over the years, largely due to the K-beauty 10-step skin care routine. Many Korean women -- and women around the world -- swear by sheet face masks now. If you've been to South Korea - and in particular the capital city of Seoul - you may have seen the glowing skin of Korean women in the mornings. The overall glow of their skin is often attributed to a multi-step skin care process, but ask anyone in the know about skin care and they're likely to tell you that the sheet face mask is at the heart of any effective skin care routine, especially the Korean skin care routine.

But the big questions are -- why? And why is a sheet mask considered by so many to be more effective & efficient than a more traditional clay mask?

Here are the top 5 reasons :)

Why So Many Swear By Sheet Face Masks

Reason NO. 1 -- Using face masks - in general - is an ancient practice!

Applying face masks to maintain beauty has a longer history than most would think. In fact, one could argue that face masks were the first skin care women used.

Since ancient Egypt face masks have been known to nourish, moisturize, cleanse and tone the skin.

At that time, a popular mask was made of milk and honey, as these ingredients were at hand and helped nourish and protect the skin. In other parts of Africa women used palm oil while in South America they used avocados. Asia and Europe have a history of face masks, too. You could say that face masks have been part of the natural skincare regime around the world since natural skincare's been a thing.

Reason NO. 2 -- Sheet masks contain serums and/or essences, and they help give you a balanced application of these solutions.

Another huge reason so many swear by sheet face masks is the fact that they come soaked in serums or essences, giving you the best combination of concentrated, yet balanced application of moisture. This is especially good if you want to care for your entire face without using a solution that is too concentrated. Moreover, if you either A) are unsure about your specific skin type or B) have combination skin, sheet face masks are ideal, as you can take good care of your skin without thinking too hard about which specific area of your face needs additional moisture. Give your entire skin a high-level of moisture -- safely -- with a moisturizing sheet face mask.

Sheet face masks have been known to have the following effects: 

  • Refining skin pores by helping you to get clearer skin through deep cleaning and clearing of dead skin cells as well as getting rid of metabolic wastes such as oils which can clog up your pores; all this while simply placing the sheet mask on your face for 10-20 minutes
  • Increasing hydration by bringing moisture to dry and dehydrated skin, which enhances elasticity. The results in a more youthful appearance.
  • Regular use of sheet face masks reduce aging as they help smooth and soften the skin. In addition, sheet face masks are known to diminish hyper-pigmentation resulting in a more even skin tone as well as firmer skin.

Reason NO. 3 -- Depending on the design, a sheet face mask traps in moisture more effectively, enabling you to optimize the serum or essence you apply to your face prior to using the sheet face mask as well as the moisture in the sheet face mask

Now, let's say you do like to use a serum or essence for your face. The sheet face mask brings value in this case as well by locking in the moisture from your serum or essence. Some aren't aware of how much solution they lose to the air! The sheet face mask seals the ingredients to keep them from evaporating. This way, your skin receives all the benefits of the solution you put on your face. Wouldn't you prefer to maximize your skin care serum or essence? If the answer is yes, you'll need a sheet face mask, and the good thing is not only will you lock in the moisture from your essence or serum, your skin will also benefit from the mask moisture.


Reason NO. 4 -- Sheet face masks potentially provide multiple steps of skin care with the usage of a single mask.

Now this is a big one! If there were one reason alone to add sheet face masks to your skin care routine it's being able to get multiple skin care steps well done with one step. The Deep Masks from clean ingredient skin care brand Dewytree that you'll find here at Fletna are an example of this. No matter which of these masks you choose you can trust that it will come ready to lightly exfoliate, moisturize with nature-rich ampoule and lock in moisture in a highly-effective way given its hairline-thin mask design. Whether you're busy busy or want a weekend self-care day, well-made sheet face masks will come in very handy.

Reason NO. 5 -- While some can be effective in treating the skin, clay masks are oftentimes more time-consuming, messy and painful to use.

The last -- but not least -- reason is actually a note on clay masks. The reality is that using clay masks can get a liiiiiiittle messy...


This is not to say clay masks aren't effective. Some can be for sure. And the picture above is a bit extreme, but when you combine the time it takes to apply clay masks as well as the time it takes to clean up clay masks (including the need to wash them off): which option offers the best combination of nature-rich care and efficiency? This in addition to how painful it can be to remove clay masks. A normal clay face mask routine can take up to 30 minutes. This actually led to the introduction of sheet face masks. The Black Sheet Masks we bring you here at Fletna, for example, enable you to harness the healing power of charcoal to care for your skin without needing to wash off. Simply remove the black sheet mask and dispose of it. It's really that easy.


Now, we've shared the five big reasons with you. Now you have a good sense for the power of sheet face masks!

Here at Fletna, you'll find a few different types of sheet face masks  from Dewytree -- an award-winning K-beauty brand where natural ingredients such as lavender, bergamot, Jeju-Island-sourced tangerine, and even the enzyme from papaya are combined to produce highly-effective sheet face masks for all skin types.

Below you'll find our Black Sheet masks, made with charcoal and other natural ingredients. Get your skin care routine more nature-centered & efficient with these face masks, and discover the Dewytree difference yourself!


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