February 01, 2020 2 min read

Keep your skin healthy this winter

Does your skin lack moisture, look dull and feel irritated by the cold winter air? Here are some top tips to make your skin look and feel great. The winter is a dark and cold time that damages your skin. The brisk air can irritate your skin and cold temperatures can make healthy skin look dry and ageing.

Luckily, some simple remedies can keep your skin healthy and prevent it from getting dry in the winter months.

Woman uses moisturiser for her dry skin

1. Pick the right moisturiser

A moisturiser that is suited to your skin type helps the skin maintain its balance and prevents both extreme dryness and extreme oiliness. This is important, because those extremes can lead to skin conditions like acne and eczema. Moisturise everyday and your skin will feel fresh and free from unnecessary blemishes. And don’t forget those kissable lips for Valentine’s day! Use a quality lip balm during the winter months. A product with petroleum jelly locks in moisture and makes your lips less dry and chapped.

2. Avoid harsh cleansers

Use natural products to clean your face from dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells. Cleaning is essential to keep your skin healthy, but a harsh cleanser will remove too much moisture and damage the skin barrier. Natural products clean your skin while leaving enough sebum to balance the skin moisture.

Woman takes a less warm shower to protect her skin in winter

3. Lower the temperature

After a long and cold winter day, a hot shower seems irresistible. But it's not a good idea if you have dry skin. Instead, the American Academy of Dermatology suggests short showers in lukewarm water. If the water makes your skin red, lower the temperature! Cooler water effectively removes germs and cleans your skin without damaging it. Another temptation is the crank up the heating during the winter. Unfortunately, warm indoor temperatures make the air drier which zaps moisture out of your skin. Lower the thermostat to prevent your skin from drying out!

4. Sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen

Sunscreen in winter may sound bizarre. But even on dull days, UV-rays can cut through the heavy clouds. Apply a product with high SPF daily to reduce sun damage to your skin.

These are Fletna’s best tips to keep your skin healthy and fresh this winter!

Improve your winter skin care routine further with these tips:

How can I improve my winter skin care routine?

Ideal skin care routine for men in winter

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