November 08, 2019 2 min read

The Big Takeaway: gentle cleansers, well-made sheet masks and properly layered serums & creams are ideal to include in your skincare routine so you can brave a cold, harsh winter with confidence.


No matter our skin type, we've all got to figure out some kind of plan to survive the harsh winter, depending on where you're located of course!

If you've got to brave a cold, harsh winter these days, we want you to be armed with the optimal approach to keeping your skin moisturized, nourished and healthy.

So, the big question is:

What's the ideal skincare routine for a cold, harsh winter?

Read on!


The Essentials:

1) Well-made sheet masks can incorporate multiple skincare routine steps into one, and the right sheet mask will give your skin the type of hydration and treatment you would find in a spa. This is essential for enduring cold & harsh winters.

2) Cleansers that do a great job of both removing all the bad stuff from your skin while also strengthening your skin barrier. This is especially important in the winter because a damaged skin barrier will lead to more water leaving your skin, causing dryness.

3) Lightweight creams and serums that can be layered on the skin will help greatly to further keep skin moisturized, protected and healthy. Have you ever used a product that you had to apply 3-5 times a day? Just because a product feel moisturizing for a few seconds after applying it, doesn't mean it has lasting moisture. 


In summary:

  1. Consistent cleansing
  2. Consistent sheet masking
  3. Consistent, layered serums & creams


This will make for a very solid skincare routine to keep your skin protected well and feeling good throughout the winter.

Checkout the line of gentle skincare from DEWYTREE, where you'll find some of the best all-natural K-beauty focused on skin barrier protection & restoration.

Made with mild ingredients. And beautifully packaged :)

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