Hey there. We're Fletna.

We deliver a natural-intelligent skin care experience to women (and men) in Africa and Europe.



Our mission is simple: help one million individuals to make nature-centered skin care decisions that are best for who they are, where they are and what they dream of becoming.

We believe that skin care is not just a matter of choosing the right face mask or serum, but a journey that can be as stressful or enjoyable as a day job...

 and that natural skin care is an art.




We bring the world-famous Korean skin care experience to Europe and Africa. Nature-rich products and engaging learning. From the infamous Korean 10-step skin care routine to some of the world’s finest moisturizers and masks. With Fletna flair.

So that more people can enjoy a nature-centered skin care journey, and bring out the inborn beauty and power of their skin.

We have products for nearly all skin types.

Especially some award-winning face masks.

And with a data-driven, regionally-aware team based in Korea, Sweden, Slovenia and Kenya, the Fletna experience is tailored to local markets & focused on personalization.

You might have asked: What does Fletna mean?

It’s a slang Slovenian term used for a good-looking female. It can be translated as “cutey” or “good-looking.”

We believe in the diverse beauty of individuals all around the world, and we help our customers leverage learning so that intelligence is at the foundation of their natural -- and equally expressive -- skin care journey.

We're out to creatively disrupt skin care.

For your skin's sake.

(and we're always on the lookout for great partners to work with as well!)

Questions? Want to say hey? Do use the chat icon in the bottom right corner ;) 

We'd love to hear from you!

Otherwise, we thank you for joining us on this journey. More to come!


The Fletna Team