Tips to prevent dry skin

Dry skin is something we all suffer from, because we all live in different climates, for example, I live in the coast, I have combination skin but when I travel to Nairobi, I suffer from dry skin.Dry skin is the way our body tells us, that we aren’t consuming enough water, and since some parts of Kenya tend to be colder than others, eg: the coast with the humidity your skin is sometimes never dry.

I am going to share a few tips to prevent dry skin, and products that will help you combat the problem. 

1. Drink lots of water: This is a habit you should adopt and don’t drink sodas, or juices just plain water, plus don't drink when you're get thirsty. Get in the habit of walking out of your house with bottled water. If you Don’t like the taste of plain water, I wrote a blog post with 8 different water infusion click here: 

(P.S: my favorite is the Lemon, Ginger and Mint one.)

2. Eat healthy and loads of fruits: It is true we are what we eat, I am not saying to stop eating your junk food, just to make a conscious decision to eat healthier foods.

3. Use Hydrating Masks at least twice a week: Fletna as some amazing sheet masks, that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and moisturised. I personally like the Dewy Tree Line, but I would suggest you use the Pick and Quick mask line from Dewy Tree the Aqua one and The Moisture Full Mask. 

4. Toning: I recently watched a Youtube video from an Esthetician, that said we should tone after every step of your skincare routine for example Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate Tone, Mask, Tone, Serum, Tone then Moisturise. So Toning is important because it will carry the products you are using deeper into your skin. Check out her video here 

 5. Buy Hydration based products:  from your Cleansers, Toners, Masks and Moisturisers. Help your skin get as much water as possible with the products you use. 

6. Face Mist: You could carry hydrating face mist that will help if your skin is feeling dry. But if you use the correct products that are hydrating, this won’t be a problem. 

Fletna Website / Instagram has amazing products that are Korean made, and we all know Koreans are a head of the curve when it comes to ageing backwards and having healthy flawless skin. Invest in your skincare, because we only get one and we have to look after it.


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