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Fletna Dewytree, our carefully selected collection of Dewytree skincare products are made from natural ingredients, are non-toxic and dermatologist-approved. Understand exactly what's in your products to 100%. No surprises. Both Dewytree & Fletna take ingredient transparency seriously. It's your skin after all. The Dewytree focus is on developing products that empower and allows your skin to heal and glow as it was naturally intended. The elements of nature are harnessed to give your skin care and restoration.

dewytree is a natural win for your skin

We offer nature-centered skin care made through a collaborative effort of dermatology & life sciences departments at the leading university hospitals in South Korea, the home of K-beauty. From our popular sheet masks, sunscreens, cleansers and moisturisers, we are sure we can help you customize a skincare routine just that's right for you and your unique skin. 

We are proud that Dewytree has multiple products that’s been awarded with the korean application “Glowpick” to assure the quality and benefits of the products. We can confidently say that Dewytree and Fletna share the same standard and quality that you deserve. 

dewytree is a natural win for your skin

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what do our customers have to say? 


"I love it so much, the way it makes my face smooth after usage, it has also cleared a bit of my acne and its only been two weeks. "


"The mask was amazing cant explain the feeling but I know I can't wait to make another purchase"


"I love it,  I've been using this sunscreen for almost two weeks now and its the first sunscreen I've used that doesn't leave any white cast after application. I'm in love with this sunscreen and would recommend it to anyone who was as confused as I was about buying the right sunscreen."

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