Nature has the best 


This is the award-winning & nature-rich cosmetics brand you've never heard of. Made with research & nature in South Korea. From cleansers to  sheet masks to serums. To unleash the power of your skin.

dewytree iS a natural win 

for your skin

Know 100% of Ingredients :)

Understand exactly what's inside your products. No surprises. Both Dewytree & Fletna take ingredient transparency seriously. 

It's your skin after all.


Truly Clean Cos :)

Nature-centered skin care made through a collaborative effort of dermatology & life sciences departments at the leading university hospitals in South Korea, the home of K-beauty.


Skin Care From Within :)

The Dewytree focus is on developing products that empower your skin to heal and glow as it was naturally intended. Elements of nature are harnessed to give you skin care restoration.


Natural Skin Care Efficiency

From papaya enzyme sheet masks that feed your skin to charcoal-made black sheet masks that provide skin detoxing, moisturizing and more, the Dewytree line of sheet masks are perfect for busy professionals that swear by natural skin care but have little time.

what about dewytree's awards?

Korean application Glowpick, is arguably the top source for beauty products. They allow people to leave real reviews and ranking on thousands of products in various categories. With this information, they host their annual Glowpick Consumer Beauty Awards. This is to honor the best products of the first half of the year, second half of the year, and end of the year in review. Winning products go through a 3-step processled by the Glowpick team. They are then monitored for a period of time for quality assurance, and finally winners are chosen based on reviews left by users. Dewytree has multiple products which have been honored by Glowpick.

Feel the Dewytree difference. 

For yourself.